Countdown Offer

The Offer* expires in:

MAT PS300-F6293.94405.7
MAT PS500-F7230.25061.1
MAT PS630-F8063.45644.4
MAT PS750-F118408288
MAT PS1000-F16129.811290.9
MAT PS1250-F21872.715310.9
MAT PS1500-F25052.717536.9
MAT PS2000-F35049.424534.6
MAT PS2350-F40489.928343
MAT PS3000-F62251.643576.1

* Prices are NET (EXW). The offer is not valid for already quoted orders or for existing non confirmed requests! The listed prices are for the basic equipment and do not include any optional components.

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In addition to the Protein Skimmer Body please check from below which optional components you wish to be included in your configuration: Auto-wash system for inner/outer tubeProtein Skimmer Level AutomationPS Control BoardPS ORP ControlPS PH/ORP Probe Wet-TapPS O3 Probe Wet-Tap