Our Values, Mission & Vision


  • We passionately pursue innovation, we conduct our work with pleasure in order to make our stakeholders happy. We give great importance to R&D and P&D, and we complete our work in a planned and systematic manner by paying attention to the priorities of the region and country that we are in.
  • We are a team of solution-oriented, innovative, reliable and tolerant players who are respectful to different cultures and opinions.
  • We are a management team who care about development and correct evaluation of our team. We reward success, we treat everyone equally, work transparently, we respect our staff, and we support a social and pleasant working environment.
  • Ensuring customer loyalty depends on providing solution based thinking for our customers, creating a competitive advantage for them and focusing on the continuity of our cooperation without compromising our ethical principles.
  • One of our core value is to create social awareness around all natural resources, particularly water resources to support a sustainable environment which is necessary for the quality of life for all future generations.
MAT Filtration Technologies
Water background


MAT's volleyball team finishes 3rd


Our vision is to leave our legacy on earth with technological solutions which safeguard water for life and gives value to the environment for sustainable life.


Developing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and maintaining high technology water filtration systems for customers that care about natural resources and life. With our innovative solutions and our happy and qualified employees we are committed to achieving unconditional customer satisfaction.

SeaWorld Aquarium Abu Dabi
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