Seawater Desalination Potable Water

Seawater Desalination for Potable, Industrial & Irrigational Water Through Reverse Osmosis

MAT Filtration Technologies is proud to announce the collaboration with the Norwegian startup MWP (Marine Water Production AS). This is a unique concept to provide irrigation and drinking water quality through a floating offshore desalination factory on a barge. MAT is leading the corporate sales and development of this concept and is the designer of record for the water technology.

MWP is a Norwegian company converting sea water to potable, industrial and irrigation water through a Sea Water Reverse Osmosis “SWRO” process on Floating Desalination Vessels.

MWP’s target is to provide solution to water scarcity through bankable water supply contracts. The concept is backed up by:

Desalination to Potable Water Project Partners
MWP Management Team
MWP Management Team


For commercial & technical queries please contact the Development & Sales Director of MWP, Mr. Vasileios Sklavounos at:

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