Legoland Dubai Aquarium

Legoland Dubai – UAE

The Maintenance Director of Legoland Dubai, UAE, Mr. Karl Rothenburg recommends MAT Filtration Technologies.

“We are extremely happy with the quality of the delivered project that continually tests the highest quality aquarium water from all Merlin facility’s globally, this paired with MAT’s ongoing aftersales support….”

Poema del Mar Aquarium

Poema del Mar & Loro Parque – Spain

The Secretary of Loro Parque Zoo, Poema del Mar Aquarium and Siam Park Mr. Jaime Celso Rodríguez Cie states in the Reference Letter:

“Since 2016 we have counted multiple times on the services of MAT Filtration Technologies especially in Poema del Mar and later in Loro Parque. We hired MAT for the design, supply and installation of new life support systems or the upgrade of already existing equipment. Up to date, the systems are working correctly and MAT has completed all the objectives of the contract while they have presented solutions to any unanticipated issues.”

“MAT performs a quality and professional job, with specific project management tasks, deep knowledge in the MEP construction, as well as experience in the animal husbandry.”

Michin Aquarium from Guadalajara, Mexico

Michin Aquarium – Mexico

On the Reference letter of Michin Aquarium from Guadalajara, Mexico, their Director of Technical Area Mr. Juan Carlos Lehmann Sphan states among others:

“Since 2015, I have witnessed the professionalism and human quality of MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES staff, which possess enough experience and knowledge in all areas that they are involved…”

Hilton Salwa Resort Waterpark

Dahab Mountains Water Park – Qatar

“I write this letter in recommendation for M.s/MAT LSS taking part as Hydraulics Specialist for the attractions in our ongoing project Dahab Mountains Water Park project. The scope of works including Engineering, supply, installation, testing and commissioning for the hydraulic systems related to the waterpark’s main attraction (slides, lazy rivers, wave pools, diving pools, aquariums, etc…).”

“Up to the date of this letter, MAT LSS are meeting all the agreed milestones & responsibilities with the highest quality standards, I have no hesitation in recommending MAT as a specialist subcontractor for Hydraulic & Pumping equipment system for any large scale challenging projects with tight deadline. Looking forward to complete this project successfully with them and for upcoming future cooperation in our future projects.”

Istanbul Aquarium Penguins

Istanbul Aquarium – Turkey

“We, Istanbul Akvaryum write this letter in recommendation for MAT LSS in taking part as Life Support Specialist in our Penguin Exhibition project which has delivered in November 2016. The scope of works included engineering supply, installation, testingand commission for the LSS systems related to the Long-Tailed Gentoo Penguin Exhibit.”

“Up to date of this letter, nearly two years after the completion of the project, MAT LSS have met all the agreed milestones & responsibilities with the highest quality standards. We are 100% satisfied with the design, services, after sales support and ease of operation provided by MAT and without hesitation we recommend MAT LSS as filtration specialist.”

De Jong Marinelife

De Jong Marinelife – Netherlands

“For our LSS systems we use MAT skimmers filtration and Ozone equipment, we are very satisfied with this product line and it took us more than 20 years to find the best line for our setup.”

“In this more than 20 years we use a lot of brands, but no brand reached we have now with the equipment of MAT.”