Inspiring the future generation: Mr Erdem Akartepe at the Ege Universtity

Inspiring the Future Generations

We often witness a prominent leader at the helm of a global company, steering and overseeing its operations. However, the journey and background that led to this leadership position remain hidden. In the case, MAT’s Chairman, Mr. Erdem Akartepe recently visited Ege University in Izmir to address Aquaculture Engineering students.

Annually, Mr. Erdem is invited by the Faculty board to deliver a speech to the students, including his whole career path and advice for future Aquaculture Engineers. Notably, the MAT Team, along with the HR and Marketing Team, accompanied him during this visit to extend invitations to potential interns.

Reflecting on his own experiences as an Aquaculture student in Ankara, Erdem expressed nostalgia for the early stages of his professional journey. While addressing the students, he conveyed his aspiration to inspire persistence, dedication, and the pursuit of dreams.

He shared: “When I am in front of the students, I recall my days as an Aquaculture student in Ankara when I was just starting my path and was eager to become a great professional. While many envision having a company, my dream was always to grow MAT into what it is today. I aim to inspire these students to be persistent in their dreams, to study, learn new languages, and dedicate themselves.”

During the visit, MAT’s Chairman also had a meeting with the Academic Board of the Aquaculture Engineering department, strengthening ties between industry and academia.

On the first photo from left to right:

  1. Prof. Dr. Tolga Dinçer / Ege University Faculty of Aquaculture Vice-Dean
  2. Prof. Dr. Halil Şen / Ege University Faculty of Aquaculture Vice-Dean
  3. Prof. Dr. Uğur Sunlu / Ege University Faculty of Aquaculture Dean
  4. Erdem Akartepe / MAT Filtration Technologies Chairman of the Board
  5. Berfin Canlı / MAT Filtration Technologies HR Manager
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