MAT Ventures into a New Era of Innovation with PCP

MAT Ventures into a New Era of Innovation with Strategic Partnership with PCP

Our journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of excellence began in 2014 when we established MAT. Now, about a decade later, we are not only renowned for our unwavering commitment to quality but also celebrated for our diverse projects spanning the globe, reaching almost every continent. With deep-rooted connections in numerous countries, we’ve strived to understand and appreciate diverse cultures, fostering meaningful connections with clients, employees, several industries, individuals, and marine life.

Embracing a forward-looking growth strategy, we are excited to welcome our newest business partner and investor, PCP (Pragma Capital Partners). Together, we aspire to propel our collective vision forward, leaving a positive impact on our planet. The cumulative efforts of individuals and projects have shaped MAT into what we are today, propelling our growth and clarifying our core purpose – to be the best.

As we embark on this exciting chapter with PCP, we are amplifying our efforts in pioneering groundbreaking solutions. The infusion of capital not only bolsters our financial strength but also provides us with the resources needed to undertake ambitious projects that align with our values. PCP’s strategic investment underscores their confidence in MAT’s ability to drive positive change and make a lasting difference in the industries we serve. Together with PCP, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries beyond of what’s possible.

In essence, the investment by PCP in MAT is a strategic alliance built on a foundation of shared values, mutual respect, and a collective determination to leave a positive and lasting legacy. As we move forward hand in hand, we are confident that this partnership will amplify the positive outcomes of our endeavors, contributing to a world where innovation, sustainability, and excellence thrive in harmony. Together, we are not just partners; we are architects of a better future.

Article image: From left to right: Saltuk Buğra Akbulut, Bariş Yılmaz, Gökhan Birlikçi, H.Erdem Akartepe, Can Ertöz, Özlü Yalaza

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